Aaron Parrett started writing songs in 1995 while living on Barber Street in Athens, Georgia, while he was enrolled in graduate school in Comparative Literature. The Sinners, his first CD, came out in 1996 to great critical acclaim. A year later he teamed up with Jason Anderson, Jon Mills, and John Neff to record a second showcase of his songs called The Judge and the Jury: The Legend of Jim Collins, released in 2000 on the Pizzle label. He and Jason recorded a second Judge and Jury album in 2002, Left of the Mason Dixon Line, which also featured fine pedal steel by John Neff (Drive-By Truckers).  Parrett teaches literature at Great Falls University in Montana.

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Ehlo Kyuurhi
Written and performed by Aaron Parrett, "Ehlo Kyuurhi" was originally released on the Judge and the Jury CD, Left of the Mason Dixon Line.

Miners’ Waltz
Written by Matthew Greenia and performed by Aaron Parrett, "Miners' Waltz" was originally released on the Judge and the Jury CD, The Legend of Jim Collins.

Nearer My God to Thee
From the original score for the film by Aaron Parrett. Previously unreleased.

A Stranger and a Rose
Originally released on the Aaron Parrett CD, The Sinners.

Stumbo Lost Wages
Originally released on the Judge and the Jury CD, Left of the Mason Dixon Line.