TWO RIVERS - Work-in-Progress Reel

The work-in-progress reel is a sample of rough scenes that were in-development for the short feature documentary, TWO RIVERS, which was released in 2016. The two rivers flow west from rugged and wild country at the headwaters of the Continental Divide. These same waters are some of the most polluted in America. This paradox manifests itself at the rivers’ confluence in western Montana, at the edge of wilderness and civilization. A place of stunning beauty, but where decades of extractive industry comes up headlong against the Milltown Dam, which holds back tons of toxic sediment. But for better or worse, the American West is changing with breakneck speed. Here, at the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers, human society rushes forward. Where extractive industries once dominated, the landscapes new moniker is change. Here, the dam is slated for removal, a historic timber mill is closed down and dismantled, and major housing development goes up in its place. This is the the New West—a place where change is the rule, and the future is anything but certain. Music in this Work-in-Progress reel is by This is a Process of a Still Life.