TWO RIVERS - PBS Trailer (2016)

This is the Montana PBS Trailer for the feature length documentary.  Edited by Dru Carr & Doug Hawes-Davis.  Music by Mike Grigoni.  Camera & Sound by Ken Furrow, Doug Hawes-Davis, Damon Ristau, Travis Morss, and Dru Carr.

“TWO RIVERS explores the character of change.  The film reveals that primary characters in this story aren’t people at all, but places: the Berkeley Pit, the Bonner Mill site, the Milltown Dam, the local communities and, of course, the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot rivers. These characters have complex relationships and history that ultimately led to the climatic dam removal. Hawes-Davis and Carr largely let these places speak for themselves, with a narrative that is quiet, simple, thoughtful and often emotional.” Missoula Independent