LIBBY, MONTANA Trailer #1 (2007)

“Libby, Montana” is a journey into the world of a hard-working, blue-collar community that exemplifies the American Dream gone horribly wrong. This is the theatrical trailer to the 2 hour documentary.

National Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing News Story

“Definitely deserves Oscar consideration.”  Illinois Times

“If the political pressure to prosecute Grace’s executives to the full extent of the law persists, it will be due in part to this deeply moving film. Many critics have praised the ‘objectivity’ of filmmakers Doug Hawes-Davis and Drury Gunn Carr; what they mean is that the directors let the headlines, residents, and Lovick tell the story. This time-tested documentary technique seems fresh in the wake of last year’s much-more-publicized and vocally political Fahrenheit 9/11, but at its root is the recognition that LIBBY, MONTANA isn’t a red-state or blue-state story. It is a story about American democracy and American capitalism, and the battle that must constantly be waged to keep the latter from consuming the former.” San Antonio Current

“As the patient, perceptive LIBBY, MONTANA opens, the town seems set off in a nostalgic haze, a natural splendor indicated by snowy vistas, gamboling dogs, and big blue skies. Though it tracks a horrific and extended saga, Libby, Montana maintains a sense of intimacy…with focus on diurnal details and conceptual ambiguities, probing questions rather than reductionist oppositions of good and evil.”