46 minutes, 2016, HDCAM

{Kickstarter Teaser/Trailer

Trailer used during the crowd-funding campaign for TWO RIVERS.

{TWO RIVERS Sample Scene #1

TWO RIVERS is in-production. This work-in-progress reel is a sample of rough scenes in development.

{TWO RIVERS Deleted Scene #1

The process of making TWO RIVERS involves shooting and editing many scenes that will ultimately not be in the final film.  It’s a necessary part of the process for this film as we figure out what aspects of community life and the massive public works project in the Bonner/Milltown area, will advance the narrative of the final film.  This “deleted scene” documents the first couple of days of the removal of the small Stimson Dam at the lumber mill site on the Blackfoot River. The scene features nice cinematography by former Missoula filmmaker, Valerie Krex and music by former Missoula rock band, This is a Process of a Still Life. The “Process” song is titled, “The Possibility of Flight” from their CD, “Light.” The soundtrack for the film TWO RIVERS (working title) will feature more music from “Process” as well as our long-time collaborator from Birmingham, Alabama, Ned Mudd and Portland-based dobro player, Ivan Rosenberg. This scene was edited by Doug Hawes-Davis.