17 minutes, 1999, DVCAM

“Check out this eye-opener on the management of our National Forest lands. The folks at High Plains Films have put together an excellent film documenting the destruction of our public National Forest lands for corporate profit. Worse still is the fact that you subsidize this destruction of our public lands. Yes, it’s true tax-payer money subsidizes timber sales on our National Forests to the tune of between $300,000,000 and $870,000,000 per year. The film interviews politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as former Forest Service personnel, biologists and others all demanding an end to this destructive corporate welfare. Pop this one in your VCR, then get out into your National Forest and speak up for public lands.” Enlightenment Magazine

“I bet you think that the National Forest Service consists of the tree-hugging custodians of our national heritage, the 155 forests in the National Forest System, huh. Think again. They seem to be timber-hungry clear cutters, happy to build a road into virtually any virgin forest in pursuit of fresh board feet. This compelling documentary lays out some very simple facts so that anyone with half a brain can see the ruinous damage being wrought on our public lands. Witness the endless shots of bare hills stripped of gorgeous, lush forests. Listen to the professionals and experts give a step-by-step overview of just what occurs in a soon-to-be-decimated forest near you. But isn’t it a conservation verses jobs issue? Not really. The timber companies would be the first ones to get rid of their labor force the moment there’s a technological advance in automatic timber harvesting. Just look how quickly the auto industry replaced people with robots. Witness the power of a documentary to open eyes, move mountains, and maybe even save a forest.”