27 minutes, 1996, Beta SP

“Hawes-Davis shows mechanical tree harvesters leveling stands of trees, dramatic aerial footage comparing the view from the air of mature forests and open clearcuts. The forest shots are interspersed with interviews of Maine loggers, foresters, sportsmen and northern Maine residents, most of whom oppose clearcutting, countered by comments from state and timber industry officials who defended the practice.” Kennebec Journal   (read full review)

“Hawes-Davis draws attention to the intimate connections between land ownership, industry and political power in Maine. He skillfully weaves together the impressions of loggers, environmentalists, state land managers, industry representatives and others, illuminating a conflict which is shaping the future of Maine’s northwoods” Northern Forest Forum  (read full review)

“THE PAPER COLONY is an appropriate title for a documentary on forestry in Maine. It turns out that many members of the state legislature are paid employees of the transnationals, which own most of the land. Rarely does one see such overt corporate control in the US. They’re usually more sneaky.” Earth First! Journal  (read full review)