32 minutes, 2001, DVCAM/Super 8

“The Naturalist”
by Patrick Landewe, Pulse, Fall 2003

Kent Bonar’s knowledge of the Ozark biota is legendary. While I lived in Arkansas, I was fortunate enough to hike once with Bonar, which was an enlightening experience. For those who don’t get the opportunity to take a hike with him, there is The Naturalist, the documentary from High Plains Films, telling the story of this one man’s life-long devotion to his bioregion. Described as the “John Muir of the Ozarks” and a modern-day Thoreau, Bonar explores his bioregion with a precision and patience that is inspiring. The film is as much about Bonar as it is about the rich biodiversity that he studies in mind-boggling detail. This is one of many excellent documentaries from High Plains Films.