8 minutes, 2005, DVCAM

The rock & roll tune “Star Spangled Blues” was originally written and recorded by Ned Mudd and released on his CD Fine Time in America. During the first couple of days of the filmmaking competition, Mudd recorded several acoustic versions based on the theme of the original recording. The acoustic score became the base music for the film. The original recording is also included in the film. The provocative political lyrics, combined with the “all-American” musical style of “Star Spangled Blues” made it a perfect fit for Saedi’s essay about what it means to be an Iranian-American while our country is at war in the Middle East.

This recording is copyright Vezere Music/Cave Art Records, 1999. All Rights Reserved. If you would like to use the music for anything other than your listening pleasure, contact High Plains Films for permission.

Star Spangled Blues
Originally released on the Ned Mudd CD, Fine Time in America.