47 minutes, 1996, Hi8

“SOUTHBOUND examines the pulp and paper industry’s move into the recovering hardwood forests of the Southeastern U.S.” Earth First! Journal  (read full review)

“Riveting…. Highly recommended.” Video Librarian   (read full review)

“It’s probably impossible to get a true idea of just how large these operations are, but the footage of the plants, the mountains of chips and logs, the incredible grinders pulling two foot diameter trees into their maws is scary enough.” The Highlands Voice   (read full review)

“Stunning…SOUTHBOUND provides a close look at one of the most troubling issues in forestry today. It puts a human face on the distress chip mills cause a community, and it provides a thorough look at the land itself.” Ozark Sierran   (read full review)

“Environmental advocacy without extreme bias.” Booklist

“SOUTHBOUND lays the framework for the fight to protect and restore this region to it’s natural grandeur.” Wild Mountain Times

“Regardless of the point-of-view of the filmmakers, the decision to let such a large of array of interviewees present their own political points-of-view, agendas and opinions is cleverly orchestrated.”  UNC Educational Reviews

“Recovering from the devastation suffered in the late 1800s and earlier this century, the rich, abundant hardwood forests of the Southeast face a new round of threat and injury.” Bloodroot  (read full review)

“There is no simple answer to the myriad questions arising from industrial timber removal. But, SOUTHBOUND offers ample food for thought.” Call of the Wild  (read full review)