116 minutes, 2007, DVCAM

“The Global Village: Your Global Visions Film Guide”
VUE Weekly, November 2004, Edmonton, Alberta

The quaint little town that gives this film its title is a blue-collar community situated by the northern Rockies and populated by stereotypical small-town folk. But despite its scenic beauty and relative isolation from the rest of the country, Libby was called the worst case of community-wide exposure to a toxic substance in U.S. history by the Environmental Protection Agency. This documentary is a distressing glance at a town that was fuelled by a massive mining industry that later destroyed it as workers were exposed to asbestos and then passed it onto their families who all began to fall sick. Buoyed by poignant interviews with Libby citizens who tell their tales of betrayal, LIBBY, MONTANA is a documentary with heart about big business and the abandonment of human rights.