116 minutes, 2007, DVCAM

“Even when it bites, reality can be entertaining”
Illinois Times, September 16, 2004,
By Marc Sigoloff

LIBBY, MONTANA (2004). The story of Libby, Montana, is one of the great tragedies of modern America, described by the EPA as the worst case of community-wide exposure to a toxic substance in the U.S. Libby is located next to a large deposit of vermiculite, an asbestos ore used in numerous products. Not only did workers at Zonolite, a subsidiary of W.R. Grace, inhale the deadly fibers, but so have the residents of the town. The film does an effective job of showing what the company and the government knew about the health threat but failed to reveal to the residents. Because vermiculite is used in so many products, including insulation, Libby’s story affects millions of Americans who may have been or will be exposed. Libby, Montana will be playing in theaters, but it’s release will likely be limited. Watch for this one on DVD. It definitely deserves Oscar consideration.