28 minutes, 1995, Hi8

“From the disempowered, depressed communities of Appalachia to the global deforestation crisis, this is a video account of collusion between government officials and one multinational corporation.” Affinity

“Interviews with agency officials, local forest activists and often sad-but-true clips of locals allow the viewer to decide the fate of the regenerating forests of West Virginia and, indeed, the entire East.” The Highlands Voice

“Hawes-Davis takes a pressing environmental and social issue and digs as objectively as possible to its root.” Wild Mountain Times

“High quality art and substance.”  Neil Seldman, President, Institute for Local Self Reliance

*** “The video work is excellent. The viewer gets an overview of the history of environmental exploitation of Appalachia.” Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“An absolutely fabulous piece of work.” Ted Williams, Audubon

“Strongly recommended viewing. An excellent classical case study of environmental injustice in the making.” James Elkins, Professor of Law, West Virginia University   (read full review)

“A testament to a country lost and confused - a culture still thoughtlessly struggling to preserve even for one last destructive blow, an industry built on exploitation of people and forests.” Wild Earth Journal  (read full review)

“GREEN ROLLING HILLS offers compelling testimony that cut-and-run forestry practices have not been a good fit, ecologically, throughout Appalachia.” David Havlick, PhD  (read full review)