54 minutes, 2001, DVCAM

“Highly recommended.” Library Journal  (read full review)

“EL CABALLO isn’t a call to action. It doesn’t tell anyone what to think, and it doesn’t stake out a high ground or “right” way to manage. What it does is present a little-known controversy, backed up with a diverse array of opinionated experts, and package it with eye-candy footage that never lets your eyelids sag.” Missoulia Independent   (read full review)

“EL CABALLO presents, with spectacular footage and a series of interviews, the case that wild horses are native wildlife of the American West, in the same way that elk or mule deer are, but have received the very shortest end of the stick (that is, systematic destruction) because they are regarded as big destructive exotics that munch all the grass reserved for public lands cattle.” Mountain Gazette   (read full review)

“Long considered an ‘exotic’ species, wild horses occupy a sort of borderland, caught between the mythology of their origins and the reality of their plight today.” High Country News  (read full review)

“Thought-provoking…the finely crafted documentary offers up a rich portrait of the current state of America’s wild horses.” cduniverse.com

“Explores the evolution, history and current federal management of wild horses on public lands in the western United States.” Missoulian

“Lays out the problems, conflicts and misconceptions clearly and without bias. Interviews with the actual scientists involved in wild horse management policy and key individuals, whose lives have been forever impacted by their close association with wild horses, shed light on what has for decades been a declining wildlife management issue.” The Gaited Horse

“An unexpectedly original treatment of the familiar tragedy of wild horses.” Animal People

“A must see.” Natural Horse Magazine

“Provocative.”  Montana Magazine  (read full review)