54 minutes, 2006, miniDV

“A quirky, poignant look at automobile culture and the animals it affects.”  (read full review)

“Sober, lucid and intelligent.”  (read full review)

“Beautifully shot…CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS is an understated and intelligent documentary which has much to say about car culture that is applicable not only to North America, but to any developed country.”

“A disarmingly personal examination of the topic.” Missoulian

“Filmmakers Doug Hawes-Davis, Margot Higgins and C. Wolf Drimal present this glimpse into the realities of roadkill, moving beyond the statistics (one animal dead every 11.5 seconds; one million dying from vehilcle collisions per year) to delve into some of the personalities associated with the issue…The film’s most poignant moment comes from Kate Davis, of Raptors of the Rockies, describing a bald eagle, ‘the symbol of our country, feeding on a carcass by the side of the road and getting hit by a car.’ Davis talks about the profound impact and symbolism of the accident, a larger issue the filmmakers convey with admirable subtlety.” Missoula Independent