6 minutes, 2010, HDCAM

BUFFALO HUNT observes the field harvesting of a bison on the Crazy Woman Bison Ranch in the Chalk Buttes of southeastern Montana.  Due to the fact that very few wild bison herds in North America that are allowed to be hunted, some people who desire their own bison meat choose this type of experience over purchasing ranched bison meat that may have been trucked to a slaughterhouse, or might have been fed on something other than grass, such as grain.  Some, like the Crazy Woman Ranch, offer this service on several thousands of acres of private ranch land, where the animals have been raised on the land their whole lives.  Others are more restrictive, and may involve bison that were raised in corrals and fed a diet of grain for much of their adult lives.  In a primarily observational style, BUFFALO HUNT documents the experience of two hunters from Idaho, and their enjoyment and emotional challenges associated with procuring their own food.  BUFFALO HUNT is a co-production of High Plains Films and the Independent Television Service (ITVS).