57 minutes, 2005, DVCAM

“Inspiring and beautifully filmed.”   (read full review)

In AMERICAN VALUES, AMERICAN WILDERNESS, the late Christopher Reeve introduces us to a wide variety of citizens sharing their deep love of wilderness, from early childhood experiences to expressions of hope for the future.  These are stories of love for the American wilderness, and an earnest plea to all to take an active role in its protection.

“An elegant film. Powerful.” Montana Magazine

“Features ‘ordinary Americans’ in spectacular natural settings talking about what the idea of wilderness means to them. The real-life cast of American Values is deliberately diverse, challenging Outside and Adventure magazines’ portrayal of nature as the domain of Tactel- and Lycra-clad Yuppies. Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans, and the children of Cambodian refugees reminisce about their experiences in wilderness and how important open spaces ‘as free from human intervention and oversight as possible’ are to their identity and quality of life. At the end of its quiet, captivating hour, American Values has redefined wilderness as neither a commodity nor a luxury, but a public good that belongs to us all.” San Antonio Current

“Inspirational. Few things can inspire quite so much as the majesty of mother nature’s glory, and as an eclectic group of Americans including a Native American tribal chairman, a cancer survivor, a children’s book author, and the late film star Christopher Reeve all discuss just how the rolling hills and awe-inspiring beauty of the land have influenced their values, images of the very landscapes that captured their hearts offer viewers the rare opportunity to truly get back in touch with nature in an increasingly modernized world.” All Movie Guide