96 minutes, 2013, HD

“The Gourds, Austin’s ultimate junkyard-rock band, are the subjects of ALL THE LABOR, a documentary by some of the filmmakers behind the Wilco documentary ASHES OF AMERICAN FLAGS. The film will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the band when it has its premiere in Austin this spring.

But that view of the Gourds can’t replace seeing them onstage. “While all of the Gourds’ critically acclaimed records deserve the praise they have received,” Doug Hawes-Davis, the director of the documentary, wrote on the film’s Kickstarter page, “fans know that a full understanding of the band can only be achieved through experiencing them live.”

That occasion will present itself Saturday, and it will feel kind of like a Grateful Dead show. No, there won’t be excessive noodling over extended jams, but there will be rabid fans responding to each and every song from a vast canon of many styles as if it is the perfect song for that very moment.”  New York Times